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Dual Language Spanish/English Immersion Program

Mexican Flag

Year-Long Family Literacy Events

2 students

Common Threads

common threads

Our School Programs

We are a neighborhood school with many exciting programs

Environmental Science

Enrich LA Urban Ecology science lessons in the garden, Audubon science field trips

Emphasis on Language

dual immersion Spanish/English classes

Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)


IPADS, Chromebooks, laptops in the classrooms, computer lab, LEXIA online based reading program

6th Grade Preparatory Academy

uniforms, departmentalized classes, emphasis on technology (blended learning with one-to-one Chromebooks),

L.A. Kings Science and Engineering program, individualized learning plans

The Arts

Armory Center for the Arts (4th grade)/integration of the sciences and arts,

Creative Network: Theater, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts

Balanced Literacy

Early Literacy and Language Academy School (K-6), year-long family literacy events, Families as Reading Partners, reading garden, spelling bee, Wonder of Reading Library

Ballroom Dancing

5th grade 2017 Bronze Medalists

Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services (IMCES)

An on-board mental health services provider for both students and their families

After School Programs

L.A.'s Best, E.Y.S., Common Threads (cooking classes)


Enrich L.A. Urban Ecology Program--NEW to our school!