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taking care of our brains
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student support programs
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Technology Support/ Apoyo con tecnología


Focus on what you are gratiful

Crisis Online Resources/ Recursos por el Internet

Wellness Centers and School-Based Clinics/ Centros de bienestar y clinicas de salud escolares

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You are doing an amazing job! When you take time for self-care, you are better able to care for your child—and even a few minutes of “you time” can help you recharge so that you can parent at your best. Take a couple minutes to watch this video below! Keep up the good work!  

Check out these Tips for Self-Care

Resources for Families/ Recursos para familias

community hotlines
Lausd mental health hotline
lausd linea directa mental de salud
Mental health hotlines
Think positive thoughts

Mr. C from It’s Stop Time, has sent our students a guide for some simple breathing exercises they can do to practice a moment of stillness and mindfulness. Encourage your students to practice this 2-minute breathing exercise to help reduce stress or any feelings of anxiety.

Check out Mr. C's Breathing Easy video!


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CSULA Tutoring
Alman online services